Alex Paterakis

One of CYLNDR’S Senior Producers, Alex has produced campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Adidas and Samsung, as well as content for Enterprise, TSB, IKEA and Kellogg’s to name a few. He’s worked in film and television, done music videos and Bollywood, danced on a West End stage and fist-bumped Kanye. He also makes a mean Spanakopita, still not as great as his mum’s though.

Amy Bowker

Amy is one of BMB’s Strategists. In her previous life she was at a health and social care think tank, The Health Foundation, where she worked on all things digital and editorial. She grew up in Shanghai and can semi-confidently order you beers in Mandarin.

Bianca Eglinton

Bianca is our Content Director. Ever since she was asked ‘do you know how to Facebook?’ she’s been creating content and sharing her social amplification wisdom with the world. Bianca’s been to the Edinburgh Fringe every year since 2009 and was in two Harry Potter films (but doesn’t like to talk about it).

Charlotte Riley

Charlotte is one of BMB’s newest additions to Creative Production. Since joining she’s produced some of our most recent campaigns for Samsung Solid State and Pride Jubilee. While studying Russian, Charlotte lived in Siberia for 4 months during winter where it reached -40 °C.

Claudia Wallace

BMB’s Managing Director Claudia started her career working on Revlon and Marks & Spencer fashion. Later, she worked with Chanel to refresh their iconic No5 brand for a younger audience. Claudia’s career in advertising has spanned three continents: Europe, Asia and North America working with British & global brands such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, Lloyds Bank, CHANEL and Google.

David Bain

David is one of BMB’s co-founders. His planning life began at JWT, where he received a fairly brutal schooling by a number of ageing Scottish planners.  He went on to work at a few more creatively focused agencies where fewer people shouted at him, including Fallon and W&K. In 2005, he helped co-found BMB and continues to lead the agency’s strategy function.  He is obsessed with what makes people tick, unless you leave him alone with a log, in which case he will become entirely focused on turning it into a spoon.

Elena Barrett

Ellie Malpas

Ellie is our junior planning intern, and joined BMB in January after working with Tesco and Burger King on the BBH homegrown scheme. She can play ABBAs ‘Super Trouper’ on the trumpet and has met Roberto Escobar in real life (he has glass eyeballs).

Gavin McGrail

Gavin joined BMB as Head of Finance. Having experience in numerous industries including Agriculture, Financial Services & Property Gavin found his calling in Marketing Communications, which he has been in for 15 years. When not providing financial oversight for the agency Gavin can be found playing in the water on his Surf board or Wakeboard, longing for 5ft glassy barrels and empty line ups.

Hannah Bennett

Hannah is BMB’s Office Manager and Receptionist. She was voted Star Player in Campaign’s School Report 2019 and is the glue that holds us all together.

Jason Cobbold

Jason is CEO of BMB.  His career covers spells at well-known creative agencies such as BMP, TBWA, HHCL, and BBH.  More recently, Jason ran Redscout, where he built a successful strategy and innovation offering for the UK market. Jason is a former British Junior ‘Go’ champion (admittedly a little while ago), a lifelong supporter of the Islington Boxing Club and is unhealthily obsessed with 1980s extreme skiing videos.

Jordan Down

Jordan is a Senior Creative. Jordan and his partner Will have been coming up with award winning ideas for the likes of Cadbury, Ford, Dove, Amex and Kronenbourg for 10 years. In that time he’s built a house, had two kids and been stranded on a rooftop in Azerbaijan. He’s only 13.

Kieran Buckley

Kieran is CYLNDR’s Senior Editor. He’s helped to make ground breaking and award-winning films for Samsung, Nivea, BBC and Vodafone. Kieran was once drunk enough to join Kano on stage at the TDK festival to help him perform “Typical Me”.

Lauren Nunn

Lauren joined as revenue accountant here at BMB, having previously worked for Autosport where she attended the awards and managed to get a selfie with Sebastian Vettel. Lauren has climbed Mount Kinabalu, although the guide had to hold her hand the whole way down (shh.. don’t tell anyone!)

Lily Gray

Lily is one of BMB’s Account Managers. She has really tiny hands that fit all the way to the bottom of a Pringle tube and the most extensive collection of trainers at the agency.

Matt Bonny

Matt is an Account Director and has worked on brands including Unilever, Domino’s and Royal London. Matt was a member of a school choir that sang backing vocals on an S Club 7 charity single.

Matt Lever

Matt is BMB’s Chief Creative Officer. Over the course of his career he’s worked at creative agencies including VCCP, DLKW Lowe, MCBD, RCKR/Y&R and TBWA, as well as a two year stint in the USA at Wieden + Kennedy, in Portland, Oregon. He’s created work for a diverse range of clients, including Nike, Domino’s, Facebook, O2, Macmillan Cancer Support, Transport for London, Old Spice, Kraft, Coca Cola, Playstation and Morrisons; winning awards from all the major shows including D&AD, Cannes Lions, Clios and British Arrows, to name but a few.

Mel Arrow

Mel is BMB’s Head of Strategy. She has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Absolut, Nike, British Airways, Barclays and Burberry. She is from Liverpool, but doesn’t sound like it. She has won strategy awards, but doesn’t know where any of them are. She supports Everton, but only at London away games.

Miranda Bucknell-Whalley

Miranda landed on British soil from New Zealand in 2019 where she was graciously taken in by the CYLNDR family. She joins us as a Junior Producer, filling the office daily with Kiwi reggae and a highly mockable accent. Miranda has worked in production for 4 years, her attention to detail and ability to handle the unknown has made her an integral part of the production team. Hobbies include patting your dog, patting your cat and cuddling your baby.

Rashila Nama

Rashila is BMB’s HR consultant. She has worked for lots of high-profile brands like Financial Times, Penguin Books, and London’s Air Ambulance. Outside of her work in the corporate world, she founded Tassic in 2015 – her People Management Consultancy with a human touch. The aim is to encourage healthy disruption in HR and BMB is a proud client. Speaking of disruption, Rashila once tore up the dance floor with Prince Charles.

Rich Wilcock

Business Director Rich is responsible for Samsung, Beefeater Gin, Rowse and Pride. A fleeting appearance on Songs of Praise aged 9 is a life highlight.

Sam Balderstone

Sam is CYLNDR’s Managing Director. His knowledge and experience of the production process across all media outputs has helped grow the internal, integrated production department at BMB. Sam has worked for some of the world’s leading brands including Samsung, Carlsberg, Hilton, Nike, Nivea, LinkedIn and Absolut. Sam used to be known as ‘Sam Bongo Massive’ when he played percussion at club nights in London and Manchester.

Sam Hamer

Sam is a Creative Designer. Before BMB, Sam worked at Forever Beta for clients like Google, Absolut Vodka, Camden Town Brewery and Unedited Tattoo Cream. If you ask nicely, he’ll draw you like one of his French girls.

Sam Jones

Sam started out on the other side of the fence (or on it, if you will), at a marketing intermediary where he helped brands manage pitches and find the best agency partners. After a stint at Wieden+Kennedy, Sam joined BMB where he now takes great delight in welcoming new client humans to our wonderful world.

Simone Maggi

Simone is an Executive Producer at CYLNDR and helps manage and run the in-house production team. He is the gate keeper of creative quality and craft. Among other talents, Sim can do a special whistle that absolutely no one else can do.

Stefanie Daidone

Stefanie is BMB’s Executive Management Assistant. She’s assisted executives over the last 13 years in New York, Chicago and London at Berlin Cameron, Y&R, Translation, Havas, Grey, Redscout and finally BMB. Stef has human-toilet trained her cats.

Tom Sparks

Tom is CYLNDR’s Head of Post and is the engine that keeps post production moving. He’s responsible for the edit, motion, grade and sound talent. Tom’s dog is more popular than he is.

Will Marsden

Will makes up the second half of Senior Creative team, Will and Jordan. Together they’ve had countless surreal experiences, such as meeting Claudia Schiffer on set and being taken to a worryingly remote special forces base in Bulgaria.

Yonatan Afeworki