How to be Funny – A Practical Guide for Brands

First came the event: ‘Lol-age is Power’ explored whether serious times call for serious brands, featuring a CEO, a stand up comedian, a professor and none other than internet sensation Munya Chawawa.

Now comes the report: Launched on Blue Monday 2021 in a bid to make you smile, ‘How to be Funny: a Practical Guide for Brands’ is an 8-step guide to finding your brand’s authentic humour style and deploying it to silence the haters, win over new audiences and tackle difficult subjects, all whilst leveraging the opportunities of key social media platforms.

We’re also offering marketing teams ‘one liner’ sessions to discuss a key challenge their brand is facing. Send your challenge in one sentence below and we’ll come back to you with our opinion on how humour can help to tackle it.


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