Feature: Shared values and the cult of the team

In an article recently published with the Association of MBAs, our CEO, Jason Cobbold examines the leadership lessons that have emerged from the COVID-19 crisis. Read an excerpt below.

It is often said that moments of crisis reveal the true skills of a leader. Today’s generation of leaders has faced no challenge as great as the current crisis, and the contrasting responses of the global elite have given us some real insight into that elusive thing called ‘leadership’.

One person in particular has stood out for her leadership qualities, and that is Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister.  Not only has Ardern been, to date, one of the few leaders to deal effectively with the national threat of coronavirus, but she has revealed herself a thoroughly modern and engaging role model. At every turn, she seems to challenge outdated notions of leadership, combining humility and selflessness, with clarity and direction. For all those students of leadership – whether in a political, corporate or personal context – there is much to observe and learn.

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