BMB appointed to lead rebrand for Wefarm

Wefarm, has appointed BMB to update their brand and reflect its mission to facilitate the success of the small-scale farming community.

Today, Wefarm is empowering over two million platform members to know more, buy smarter and sell better – enabling them to gain a fairer position in the global economics of the supply chains they participate in. The small-scale farming community has often been disconnected from this opportunity as hundreds of millions of farmers are disconnected from the internet, something that Wefarm is solving by making its platform accessible even via SMS – so all farmers can join and benefit from the advantages of a well-connected community.

Small-scale agriculture is the world’s biggest industry on earth – producing 70% of the world’s food, and employing over one billion people worldwide. But the community is largely disconnected – from the internet, their wider community, and their collective buying and selling power.

Wefarm has created a platform to solve this problem even for farmers even if they don’t have access to the internet. By using a free SMS service, farmers can connect with the community’s marketplace and share or access knowledge to answer their farming questions.

“As Wefarm enters the next stage of its growth, we wanted an agency partner who could bring that vision to life for our community.”
Alex Sonnenberg, Wefarm VP of Growth