Social Sauce 44


LinkedIn get serious about targeting

LinkedIn have added audience forecasting to the Campaign Manager dashboard, and are introducing boolean targeting logic for building audiences. This comes as part of LinkedIn’s broader focus on building out Campaign Manager to attract advertisers managing high volume campaigns – finally giving advertisers with big budgets access to the tools they need.

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Insta Stories now help you chat with brands

Facebook has been shepherding users towards Messenger recently – now we know why! They’ve has introduced a new option for Instagram Stories that directs you to the Messenger app when you swipe up, promoting direct interaction with branded chatbots. We’re all asking for more direct contact and interaction with the brands we’re purchasing from, and this looks like a step in that direction.

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Zuckerberg rallies the troops

In two hours of leaked audio, we get the latest from Menlo Park as Zuckerberg rallies Facebook employees against critics, competitors, and the US government. Zuckerberg then reposted it himself, describing it as ‘unfiltered’ insight into his thoughts on social responsibility and tech regulation.

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WhatsApp goes bang

We’ve all seen disappearing video and images (lookin’ at you Snapchat), but now we can look forward to disappearing DMs. Tests on WhatsApp beta are giving users the option to delete messages after either 5 seconds or an hour. The feature’s only available in group chats so far, but who knows – we might all be swallowing our digital words in the not-too-distant future.

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