Social Sauce 43


Cheerios Hacks Alexa

Absolutely certain you’re gonna fail that math test on Monday? Have the jocks stolen your lunch money and it’s taco Tuesday? No one buying your epic brand of breakfast cereal? Hack the system, it will solve all your problems. It will also make for an epic story.

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You’ve Been Hacked

Speaking of hacking, Lenovo has mastered the art of docuseries-style fear-mongering. Give it a watch, it’s surprisingly gripping. Unsurprisingly, this is all done while advertising their cybersecurity services.

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Can you control your excitement?

Someone has finally jumped on the ever-growing gaming trend and accumulated 1.3million minutes watched on Twitch (don’t say we didn’t try to tell you)! Miller Lite’s ‘Cantroller’ campaign features beer cans filled to the top with beer and equipped with 10 functional buttons, wireless charging and a Bluetooth receiver.

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The age of the detached and non-political brand is over.

70% of young people would stop buying from brands that act unethically on issues they care about. Get your moral compass in check, before your customers put you in check (especially if one of said customers is Chrissy Teigen). You no longer get to hide behind the fact that you’re a brand. Your views matter, your ethics matter and people are making decisions based on them. And don’t you worry, if everyone already hates you, it’s never too late for a Victoria’s Secret-inspired comeback.

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Social Minds Podcast

If you’re into podcasts, you’re probably not too keen on reading, so we’ll keep it short. Click the link below and have a listen.

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