Social Sauce 42


Fortnite, ASMR, Slime, Rainbow and Prank make up the top 5 Youtube keywords.

Millennials, at your battle stations,  avocados at the ready, we’re going to war. We are no longer the rulers of the 7 kingdoms. Children have officially started taking over the internet. They’ve already got Youtube and they won’t be stopping there! Check out the rest of the Pew Research Center’s latest study below.

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Instagram wants you to continue faking it ’til you make it

The platform’s new greenscreen feature will allow users to choose their own background on Instagram stories. Thank you Instagram, one thing the internet needs is more fakery. This is giving us major flashbacks to the 2017 #BowWowChallenge.

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Speak up or be ignored.

If your brand did a Buzzfeed quiz on what ice cream flavour they would be, would the result be a double chocolate fudge brownie volcano cake explosion? Or more of a plain old french vanilla? Listen to the latest episode of the Social Minds podcast in which Andréa Jones talks about the importance of brand personality on social.

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Snapchat snaps back!

Finally, some long-awaited platform vs. platform drama! Snapchat threw some major shade at Instagram last week with their ‘RealFriends’ global ad campaign. The best part? They did it all by staging a take-over on the rival platform with a viral hashtag.

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Facebook gets a new toy!

Facebook is bored of tapping our phones and has begun testing their new brain-reading computer interface. Apparently, the aim of the game is to create a non-invasive thought-typing system. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on you Facebook, a very close eye. 

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