A col-ourful response to SNL

In the SNL sketch which aired 3 November, comedian Aidy Bryant shows off her freshly painted home to her brother and sister-in-law, played by SNL regular Beck Bennet and guest host actress Kristen Stewart. Despite not being a commercial product placement, the Dorset brand is referenced numerous times.

Holding a can of Farrow & Ball paint, Bryant explains “It’s the high-end British paint company that offers unparalleled depth and col-our…. It’s not just paint, it’s Farrow & Ball.”

We responded by doing what Farrow and Ball do best, taking inspiration and turning into colour. When the American’s mocked our paints, we responded in true British style and got in on the joke. Rather than a biting response, we ‘launched’ Farrow and Ball’s latest colour, English Roast which included subtle hints of satire. And to launch it properly, we took out a full-page ad in the New York Times on the day of the next SNL broadcast.

The ad sparked news coverage across the globe and included an interview on BBC Radio. The reactive campaign was crowned a ‘Top 5 creative brand idea you need to know about’ by AdAge. Plus, it was really fun to write.