Relax, it’s Modern Emulsion


Farrow & Ball have launched a new paint finish, ideally suited to the demands of life at home. To boost awareness of the wipeable and washable Modern Emulsion, we focused on a very human anxiety.

The edge-of-your-seat, ready-to-lose-it, totally unreasonable anxiety that we all feel when we have freshly painted our houses. When neighbours and friends, the very people you want to impress, become nothing but potential stain hazards. The drink-spilling, crayon-wielding enemy.

Our message was simple: Relax. Farrow and Ball’s Modern Emulsion is remarkably unmarkable. To calm the nerves of every potential painter across the country we showed them first of all, that we get it. We made three films that showed paint anxiety pushed to the limits. Each revealing that with Farrow & Ball, you can relax... stains, spills and scuffs can simply be wiped away.

Press, Social and OOH were also created to help reframe the conversation around Farrow & Ball. Depicting beautiful homes whose paintwork would be in jeopardy, if it wasn’t for the fact they had been painted with Modern Emulsion.

And finally, to truly prove the point, we found real online quotes that questioned the stain resilience of our paint and physically wrote them on walls painted with Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion with the offending materials. Then we simply wiped them away, as if they never happened.

Check back for campaign results, we’ll be updating this page shortly…